VIP Services

party cleaning

After Party Cleaning, VIP Services Include:

With MANY MAIDS on your side you can worry less about the maintenance before, during, and after the party so you can actually enjoy more of the party. We provide the VIP services to our clients at reasonable rates.

laundry many maids

Laundry Wash, Dry & Iron

We will wash, dry, and put away your laundry neatly. We can also iron your laundry if it is needed.

cabinet many maids

cabinet Maintenance VIP Services

With this service our team of maids will empty out your cabinets and thoroughly clean them from the inside out. Once clean, we will organize their contents to your choosing. We will also clean the cabinets underneath the sinks that are hard to reach. This service is highly recommended and always available when needed.

fridge many maids

Fridge & Freezer Clean-out

A clean fridge helps promote a healthy home. Spoiled foods could affect the environment inside your fridge increasing the build up of unwanted bacteria. Allow us to maintain your fridge clean and disinfected as often as you need

oven clean many maids

Oven Deep Clean & Degreasing

Let’s face it, ovens are excellent for cooking in but not so much for cleaning up. Grease loves to accumulate all around the interior. With this service we will deep clean your oven to remove that tough grease. Included with this service we will clean the bell above your stove as well.

personal assistance

Personal Assistance 

With Many Maids leave worry behind and reduce your stress! Our dedicated company can provide you with the extra help that you may need. Whether you need any additional assistance around the holidays, during an event, or just running errands! Tell us when and where you need a set of helping hands. We will be there HELP YOU!


Lawn Care Maintenance VIP Services

Weekly Services
Your weekly service will include:

Weekly or twice weekly lawn mowing
String Trimming
Edging of drives and walks
Air sweeping drives and walkways
Lawn Aeration
Spring and Fall Clean Up
Shrub Trimming
Tree Trimming